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Battery storage is an essential part of energy security for your home or business. With battery storage, we are able to capture excess solar energy to be used at a later time. This is extremely important for the Southeast where power outages from natural disasters, thunderstorms, hurricanes, etcetera are common. When coupled with a solar system, your solar and batteries work together to power your home for as long as you need. 

Creating Sustainability In Solar Tech

Boss Energy is the leader in the Southeast for installed battery capacity and has been pushing the limits on Solar and Energy Storage since 2015. Our goal is to create sustainable microgrids for our customers that reduce utility reliability, increase power security, and give you peace of mind your home/business will never be left in the dark. 

Pushing for Green Energy

Battery storage ensures your solar powered home or business will be powered by green energy even on cloudy or windy days. As time goes on, battery storage plays an increasingly important role in green energy and electricity demands as the demand for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy increases year over year.

What Is Battery Storage?

Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), are devices that enable energy from renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, to be stored effectively in order to be utilized even on cloudy, dark, or non-windy days. Battery storage ensures you have power when you need it most. 


  • Allows home to capture unused solar energy and store on site for later use!
  • Provides reliable and clean energy security in the event of a power outage.
  • Reduces reliance on the utility by creating a microgrid.
  • Expandable to meet dynamic energy needs. 

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