EV Charging

EV Charging Installation

Boss Energy has been actively involved in the Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) solutions for the past five years. EV charging infrastructure will be one of the largest infrastructure overhauls the country has ever experienced. Whether you are looking to install a charging station at your home, add a charger for your customers at your business, or multiple charging stations for a fleet, Boss Energy has the industry knowledge to get your project done fast and efficiently. 

Residential Charging Solutions:

Questions surrounding charging needs are a common place for many new EV drivers. How many miles do you drive daily? How quickly do you need to recharge? What type of equipment is necessary? At Boss Energy, we have the knowledge and solutions to help you become confident in all your charging needs. We currently provide charging solutions for ALL EV cars. When needing a charger for your house, we make the process easy and stress free for the homeowner.

Commercial MultiPoint Solutions:

Boss Energy can provide you with MultiPoint solutions in order to satisfy your project requirements. As a turnkey developer, Boss Energy can work directly with your business, from the very beginning all the way to the end. We are dedicated to commercial EV development, working across the South East to provide solutions for clients.

Also, as a full commercial and electrical contractor, Boss Energy can jump in on the construction side to provide necessary engineering, procurement, and construction services for developers in need. Make Boss Energy your partner for dependable, safe car charging station installation in the South East.

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