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Boss Energy

What products does Boss Energy offer?

Boss Energy offers Solar for Residential and Commercial applications for both NEW and existing properties. We offer EV solutions for both Residential and Commercial customers. We offer battery backup for Residential and commercial customers.

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How long has Boss Energy been in business?

Founded in 2015, Boss Energy is a leader in Solar, EV, and Battery Storage development throughout the Southeast. 

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Is Boss Energy just a sales company?

Boss Energy is a multifaceted renewable energy company focused on turnkey development and solutions for its clients. We focus on three main areas; Solar, Energy Storage (batteries), and EV Charging. Our team is equipped to work with our customers from start to finish. 

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Why Choose Integrated Solar?

There are many reasons why someone might choose a Tesla Solar roof or a ThinFilm solar system from Boss Energy. Typically the number one reason for the decision is based on personal preference about solar aesthetics. Many of our projects are realized on high end custom homes or homes that only have solar access in areas that are visible from the public right aways.

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Will my solar supply my home with power during a power outage?

Add storage to your system to offer power to your system during a power outage. Allow your house to keep the lights on when others cannot. 

Solar on its own does not operate during a power outage due to a requirement by code for the safety of our utility workers.

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Will I be able to monitor the system at home?

All Boss Energy systems come with free monitoring for the life of the system. This monitoring is accessible through apps or via the web. 

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Will my system require any maintenance?

Although solar is maintenance free, there are things you can do to keep your solar production at its best. 

  • Trim away any branches or other obstructions that may be shading your solar system
  • Annual washing to get rid of any buildup

Sometimes your system will require additional attention and this is where Boss Energy is prepared to help!

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Who do I call if I have an issue down the road?

Boss Energy is a full service solar company and we service all of our customers for as long as they own their system and beyond.

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Do you offer financing?

Boss Energy offers many different solar financing options to tailor-fit the perfect purchase option for you! Many of these options are 10, 15, or even, 20 and 25-year loan options. These loans are typically unsecured, transferable, and can be paid off without any prepayment penalties. Ask your sales representative about available financing options. 

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Solar Services

Will Boss Energy communicate with the manufacturer of the faulty part?

Boss Energy will work on behalf of the customer. Allowing the customer to have a carefree process knowing the solution will be corrected. 

In rare cases, customers are requested to become involved in the process. 

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What systems does Boss Energy service?

Nearly all systems installed can be serviced by Boss Energy. Some vendors include:

  • SMA
  • Generac
  • Sol-Ark
  • Enphase
  • Tesla 
  • SolarEdge
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Electric Vehicles

Can anyone access our charging equipment?

Restricted access can be set for certain hours, days, or at all times. This stops unauthorized vehicles from charging at certain stations or entire fleets of chargers. 

Authorization can be set to fit the needs of the chargers and the property it serves.

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Can we set pricing on the charging equipment?

Commercial car charging stations can set pricing parameters. We can set pricing for different days, times, and for individual users. These options are simple to manipulate at any time with online portal access to the equipment. This makes fleet management a breeze for property management and owners.

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Do chargers require maintenance?

Chargers do not typically require any preventative maintenance schedule for residential applications. Commercial chargers are susceptible to more abuse and would benefit from an annual or monthly maintenance schedule to check for physical wear and tear. 

Since there are no moving parts in a Car Charger, the units are pretty reliable and when connected to wifi, they can receive over the air updates to keep the car charger up to date.

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Which type of charging level is best for my application?

Depending on the goal of the property, charging levels 1, 2, or 3 could be the right level of charging. It isn’t typical for most EV drivers to consider the level 1 charging solution because of the slow charge rate. On the flip side, the charge rate of a level 3 is ideal but the cost of infrastructure and the effects of heating on an EV battery is not ideal for daily use. Level 2 charging is by far the most requested solution for residential and commercial properties. Level 2 charging is typically more economical to implement and provides adequate charging for most EV vehicles on the road today.

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What are Charging Levels 1, 2, and 3?

Level 1 Charging is most typical for home or work. While these can charge a car, it takes an incredibly long time to do so. 

  • Charging Rate: 3 – 5 MPH

Level 2 Charging are typically referred to as Destination Chargers and can be found at home, work, or public locations such as golf courses, libraries, parking garages, and etc. 

  • Charging Rate: 12 – 80 MPH

Level 3 Charging is currently found along most highway systems at rest stops, gas stations, and dedicated EV charging locations throughout the country. 

  • Charging Rate: 3 – 20 MPM (Miles Per Minute)
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What types of chargers does Boss Energy install?

Boss Energy is capable of installing all levels of car charging solutions. We work with both residential and commercial properties. 

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Battery Storage

Is Boss Energy Certified to Install Battery Systems?

Boss Energy is certified to install and maintanance all of the battery manufacturers we currently represent. 

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Will battery systems receive the same tax credits as solar?

Yes, battery systems are eligible for the federal and state tax credit when installed with a solar system! The batteries are eligible for just the Federal state incentive regardless of solar installation.

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How many Powerwalls do I need?

We get asked this question A LOT and while the questions seems straight forward, the reality is that almost everyone home and family uses energy different and it takes a professional solar representative to understand and build a custom solution to 

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What is included in the warranty?

 Above and beyond the Boss Energy Workmanship Warranty Battery manufacturers provide their own warranty specific to their products. MOST battery warranties are 10 to 12 years and protect the units for parts and performance defects. Typically the warranty will state the units are expected to produce at least 70% (or more) by the end of their warranty period. 

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How long are the warranties for battery systems

Most manufacturers offer a comprehensive 10 year warranty with a gaurantee capacity remainging at the end of the 10th year. For example, a battery might have a 10 year warranty and at the end of the 10 years they gaurantee the battery will have 70% of the original capacity remaining.

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What batteries does Boss Energy offer?

Boss Energy currently works with the following battery systems for sales and service:

  • Tesla
  • Enphase
  • Generac
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